Purchasing Your Wedding Gown

The first moment you see yourself in your wedding gown is one you will cherish forever. No matter whether the “big day” is months away, or that the size is not quite right–you still feel that tinge of excitement knowing that this dress is the one!

The first two words that come to mind when shopping for a wedding gown areĀ overwhelming and intimidating. Even confident future brides may have a hard time with the selection process. The wedding gown will be photographed over and over again, not to mention being one of the most expensive dresses that you may have ever bought.

You should ask yourself a couple of questions before shopping for your wedding gown. First of all, what season will you be getting married? You do not want to be too hot or too cold on your wedding day. Also, ask yourself, where will the reception be held–indoors or out? The answers to both these questions should influence the selection of your wedding gown. It is very important that you be comfortable on your wedding day.

A good tip when buying a dress would be to make your selection eight to twelve months in advance. This way you will not feel rushed. Keep in mind, it takes four to six months to have a wedding dress made and fitted. Allow enough time to make a good selection, but not too soon before you know the date of your wedding or all of the details.

You should also establish your budget before going to gown shops. Wedding dresses normally start around $500 and go up considerably. You should never be afraid to talk about the price of your wedding dress with the shopkeeper. You also need to realize that there are other costs too such as your jewelry, headpiece, shoes, lingerie, and of course alteration fees for your wedding gown. All these should be figured into the budget for your wedding.

If you cannot spend much money on your wedding dress, you can go to outlet stores, vintage clothing stores or rental stores where the dresses have been rented and are now up for sale.

When you get ready to shop for your wedding gown, you will probably need to make an appointment. This is a good way to ensure personal help without being rushed. Make it a fun experience where you make a day of it, not worrying about anything else. Take a friend or your mother to give a second opinion or a bit of encouragement. You may also need to bring some heels and special undergarments such as a strapless brazier.

When you arrive at the store, discuss your plans for the gown you have in mind, as well as whether your wedding will be held indoors or out and the season of the wedding. Do not be afraid to ask questions and spend plenty of time looking around at the many options for different style wedding gowns. There are basically four types of wedding dress that includes classic, modern, traditional and romantic.

You can have the dresses brought to you one at a time. Most women are surprised to see what really looks best on them. It may not be what you had in mind at all. Try on sheath, Empire-style, A-line and ball gown. Be selective, but with variety.

One of the most important things to consider about your wedding dress is if it is comfortable. Try to lift your arms. Sit down. Ask yourself if it is comfortable? Make sure you cannot see through the dress and that it is not too low cut. You do not want to have to worry what video cameras are recording for posterity. Another element of comfort is afforded when you are properly sized and fitted. Be prepared to leave a deposit and be sure to get an appointment to come back for your second fitting.

Once the gown selection is made, you are ready to select your accessories. Make sure your shoes are comfortable and do a trial run on your hair. Try to accomplish this plus purchasing the needed undergarments before you are fitted the second time. Bring these items to your second fitting. This will give you a good idea if you have selected your accessories wisely. The shoes of course will affect the length of your wedding dress.

When your wedding gown is complete, it will be pressed and packed neatly. When you get it home, take it out and hang it in a protected spot until the big day!

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