Financing Your Wedding Day

Even though many couples pay for their own wedding these days, many parents of the bride and groom pitch in with expenses. Below is an alphabetical list of Color who traditionally pays for what, but remember, this is just a guideline offered by generations past and does not represent hard and fast rules today. Humility, kindness, patience and understanding will be needed as you and your fiancée’ sort out a way to pay for your wedding day.

Remember – no marriage starts well that begins in debt. It is better to have a small intimate wedding than marital strife. Don’t sweat the small stuff if you can’t afford a big lavish wedding ceremony and reception. A justice of the peace or a pastor who marries you in your own home or the home of parents or a friend may be a good alternative to a big wedding should you prefer or need to go that route. At the end of the day you will be just as married as someone with more money to spend.

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